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Now the fourth generation rice haplotype map is available. In this version, the genome sequences of 1,495 hybrid rice varieties were released. The sample here includes 1,439 hybrid varieties from indica-indica crosses, 18 hybrid varieties from indica-japonica crosses, and 38 hybrid varieties from japonica-japonica crosses. The collections were sequenced on the Illumina HiSeq2000, with approximate two-fold genome coverage. The resulting sequence dataset of ~1500 accessions of hybrid rice consisted of a total of 1.2 terabases of genome sequence. The long term goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive platform to facilitate the genetic mapping of complex traits and assist breeding works in the dramatically important crop.

Note: We are writing a manuscript using the data of hybrid rice. We thought that early release should aid the progress of science. By accessing these data, please not to publish any articles containing analyses of the data on a whole genome or chromosome scale prior to our publication.

Genotype dataset of 1,439 indica hybrid varieties

    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr1.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr2.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr3.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr4.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr5.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr6.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr7.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr8.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr9.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr10.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr11.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyIndica.chr12.Mixed.gz download

Genotype dataset of 56 hybrid varieties with japonica parents

    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr1.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr2.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr3.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr4.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr5.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr6.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr7.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr8.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr9.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr10.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr11.Mixed.gz download
    hybrid.onlyJaponica.chr12.Mixed.gz download
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